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Elizabeth bundles the Course Package Plan and attendance to the 2010 National Compliance Professional Conference to get you in tip-top shape to handle any compliance challenge!

2010 Practical Solutions for Managing Tax Credit Developments

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"My goal, quite simply, is to prevent people from feeling overwhelmed by the Program rules and all of the responsibilities that come with managing a Housing Credit property like I was when I was in the field!" Elizabeth says, "It was so frustrating! So when I started Elizabeth Moreland Consulting and later the Housing Credit College, I vowed to make a difference and to help people become Compliance Confident!"

Who Is Elizabeth Moreland?

Elizabeth Moreland is the industry's foremost expert on Housing Credit compliance and property management issues. Since 1995, Elizabeth has helped thousands and thousands of hard working property managers, compliance specialists, developers, State Monitoring Agency staff, investors and asset managers master the complex regulations of the Housing Credit Program

"Finally, someone who can translate IRS verbiage into English! Yahoo!" 
Teri Hoerntlein, Comm. Manager, Southern Cal. Housing, Rancho Cucamonga, California

"Elizabeth Moreland Consulting is always up to the minute in the industry information!" 
Janice Higgins, Property Manager, The Hodges Companies, Concord, NH

With her unique training style, personable approach, and vast knowledge, Elizabeth has succeed in this mission. Through her public and, vast array of products and consulting services, and the National Compliance Professional Membership Group in which she founded, Elizabeth has become known as the person to go to when needing to learn the rules, facing a tough compliance or management issue, or hoping to network with other industry professionals from across the country!

And just when you didn't think it was possible that she could do anymore... she announces the opening of the Online Training Center and the NCP Professional Development Center -- two incredible forums accessed via the Internet and available 24 hours a day... 7 days week, allowing you to learn the rules, refresh your knowledge and tackle the tougher issues... right from the convenience of your home or office computer!

5 Secrets to Mastering the Tax Credit Rules

If you have ever experienced the headaches and frustrations that come with learning or teaching the complex compliance and management requirements of the Tax Credit Program, consider the discovery of this website as your "prescription" to a healthy new way of life! 

Tax Credit compliance is difficult. There is A LOT to it. The rules are complicated. And there are a lot of them. Throw in the complications caused by State-specific rules, numerous gray areas, and the likelihood of other Programs being on your property, you can see why learning and teaching this stuff causes migraines. 

In the past, the only way to obtain Tax Credit training was to attend a workshop or seminar. Often this meant traveling out of town for several days and sitting through a lengthy course. Thankfully, those days are over.

That model didn't work very well anyway. By attending a 1, 2, 3 or even 5 day training seminar, you are expecting miracles. Quite frankly, lengthy compliance workshops are boring. Students tend to have difficulty paying attention. Retention becomes minimal. Confusion and misunderstandings are common. 

Instead, the secret to really, truly becoming proficient with this stuff is...

Secret #1: Take bit sized courses in an environment that is comfortable! 

Traditional seminars don't fit the realities of our lives. We are busy people. Our properties are like children and can't be left alone or unattended for long. 

Most attendees have to move mountains to come to such an event and often when they arrive are strapped to their cell phones the entire time because they can't fully leave their jobs behind. 

A traditional 2 day seminar is like a lifetime away from the office! 
But, by taking short, to-the-point courses on a specific concept or rule, 
in an environment you are familiar and comfortable with, 
you can learn and keep your other irons in the fire burning.

Secret #2: Hear the information when you are in a relaxed state of mind which means on your schedule not when you have a million and 1 things to tackle at the same time. 

Traditional seminars are scheduled without consideration to your schedule. Often they come to town at inconvenient times but because you know you need this information and know that this is your only opportunity, you drop everything to attend. 

It is nearly impossible to learn when your head is elsewhere! 
By having the courses available on your schedule, you triple your retention!

Secret #3: Tackle the complicated rules in chunks allowing your brain to fully grasp the information before it is forced to move on to another rule. 

Traditional seminars pack in a lot of information. They have to. They come to town once maybe twice a year. 

It is not uncommon for these workshops to tackle 10 to 15 complicated rules. But our brains don't work that way. At the most we will retain 2 to 3 concepts fully. 

This means over 80% of the information given is not retained!!! 
By learning the rules in chunks you are matching the way 
our brains learn increasing your retention tenfold!

Secret #4: Have the rules not just explained but illustrated so you can see how they work and then having the opportunity to practice them yourself showing you how to truly master them in your own world!  

Traditional seminars are lectures taught by someone standing behind a podium. 

But we learn in multiple ways... hearing, seeing and doing. Most lectures only use one learning method... hearing. A few also throw in some visual learning with a slide show. 

But the learning method that has the biggest impact on our learning and retention is the actual "doing" and traditional seminars are ill-equipped for this. 

By taking courses that use all 3 learning methods 
you will master the concepts quickly and easily and 
most importantly successfully transfer them into your job!

Secret #5: Repeat the concepts until you have it! 

Traditional seminars have an agenda they must stick to. Time is a constraint and there is a lot of material to get through before the end. 

However, we all learn at different paces. Sometimes a concept strikes a chord with us and we become fixated on it causing us to miss the next agenda topic. Other times we find ourselves in the midst of a topic we have already mastered or doesn't apply to us so we become bored and find ourselves "waking up" in the middle of the next topic that is important and now we find ourselves lost. Or maybe... we just didn't get it and now the instructor is moving on to a new topic! 

By taking courses at our own pace, 
we can repeat information until we have got it, 
skip information we have already mastered or doesn't apply, 
and fixate on topics that are really, really important to us 
taking as much or as little time as we need!

Now that is learning!! That is how you grasp and retain!!

Learn more about how the Housing Credit Online Training Center implements these training secrets and will have you mastering compliance today

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